About Project


The project aims to sustainable management and environment protection of the Region, through upgrading existing network of cyclotourism by development and construction of shorter “capillary” route on Croatian side that connects villages Ivanovac and Antunovac with existing bicycle route in City of Osijek. Two “themed” routes will be signposted. One from village Antunovac leading to educational trail devoted to bird watching “Falco cherrung” in its originated inhabitant in the fields. Another themed route will lead to historical fortress from 13th Century “Korogyvar” with valuabe surrounding natural environment and existing pond for fishermen. There is also a Horse Farm of Lippizaner as an interesting equestrian destination.Project implementation area is Antunovac Municipality connecting by cycle route with City of Osijek and already existing and planned routes along the Drava leading to Hungary.

Traffic signalisation and signs developed with EU standards will be posted. Information panels in villiages for visitors will be developed together with Zeleni Osijek with Map of route from HU border to Antunovac and pointing sights and attractions. Along the route Antunovac Municipality will place cycle parking spaces and benches. The promotional campaign will increase interest of public through leaflets, brochures, media, new web site and organising international bicycle manifestation Pecs – Antunovac. On the Hungarian side the main elements are: Licensee plan for the bicycle path leading out of the city of Pecs, and licensee plan of the green-way bicycle path designation from Pécs to the border, then the Tagout of that road section and the creation of the proper trail. During the implementation phase  bicycle supports will be acquired as well as rest areas will be constructed along the bike path.

During the project several studies will be carried out which establish, support professionally and scientifically the project. An important element is the training in the Hungarian and as well as in the Croatian side, where entrepreneurs will obtain extremely useful professional knowledge and to ease the contacts in the future businesses a brief Croatian language course will be part of the trainings too. A tour guide training specialized for the cycling tours will be in the project, which allows trained professionals to support and lead tourists safely along the designed bicycle route and in the whole region as well. A project includes the following marketing tools: a common website, electronic maps, brand manual, design packages, cycling events, maps, press conferences, study- tours. The project will create a new touristic product, the Pécs-Osijek-Antunovac-Ivanovac-cycle path which would support the tourism and create new working places in this very depressed region.

The main result of the project, is to create a new touristic product, to create  safe cycling route north-south direction on the Pécs-Eszék-Antunovac-Ivanovac route, complete the get-out bike route from Pécs, and the licensee of the greenway’s designation to the Croatian border, Antunovac and Ivanovac will be connected to the significant cycling networks, a brand new training package will be formulated, and a special virtual cycle map will be made which will be applicable for mobiles as well.